Features/AB Testing

Easily Improve Your Campaigns with LeadAutomate!

Try out different versions of your pages, offers, and messages to make your marketing campaigns work even better!

What are the benefits of A/B Testing?

You want your campaigns to do well, and A/B split-testing is the way to make them work better. The good news is that LeadAutomate makes A/B split-testing easy.

Let Me Explain How It Works…

Perform Live Experiments with Different Versions

Now, you can try out two or more versions of something to see which one works the best. It could be a funnel, a page, or a workflow. The A/B test helps make your campaign better by showing the best version automatically.

Improve Email Effectiveness and Delivery

Test different parts of your emails to see which campaign works better. Compare subject lines to get more people to open your emails. Try different messages, links, and layouts to get more people to click!

Boost Landing Page Performance

Try out different landing pages to see which one works the best! Test different headlines, messages, and page layouts to see which ones make more people take the action you want.

Make Your Offers Better

Find out what makes people want to buy! With A/B testing, you can keep making your offer better and make it easier for people to buy. Test different things like buttons, prices, order forms, shipping, and more to get more sales!

LeadAutomate gives you all the tools to find and keep your customers

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, often called split testing, is the practice of conducting an experiment to compare two versions of the same marketing asset and identify which version performs better.

What benefits does A/B testing bring?

A/B testing is a helpful tool that can really make your marketing better and help your business grow faster.

When A/B tests work well, they can turn a marketing campaign that's not making money into one that is, so you can put more money into growing your business.

Without A/B testing, you're mostly guessing or talking a lot with your team to make decisions. But that can lead to missing chances to make more money, and it's better to avoid that.

The good news is that A/B testing is seamlessly integrated into your LeadAutomate account.

Is it straightforward to conduct A/B tests using LeadAutomate?

Yes, it is. Doing A/B tests with LeadAutomate is simple. You can test different parts of your campaigns, like landing pages, funnels, emails, and more. You can try out different things, like words, pictures, videos, or how things look, with just a few clicks.

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