Manage Your Contact Relationships Efficiently with LeadAutomate!

Keep track of all the things your contacts do with your company using our special tool!

Why You Need CRM

Getting new customers is important, but keeping the ones you have is even more important. The good news is that LeadAutomate CRM makes it easy to keep your relationships strong.

Let Me Show You How It Works…

Gather Information on Your Contacts' Actions

Every person is different and does things in their own way. With CRM, you can collect important information about each person and use it to talk to them in a way they like.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

With LeadAutomate's CRM, you can make your relationships better and keep them going. By knowing what each person likes and doesn't like, you can make them trust you and keep coming back.

Tailored Communication

You can write down notes about each person to remember important things. This helps you talk to them in a way they like and remember things they told you. It also helps you keep track of what you promised to do:

  • Building rapport by recalling and referencing "the little things" (e.g., "I recall you're a fan of hiking. Have you been on any exciting trails recently?")

  • Recording discussed subjects and agreements during discussions, especially when multiple team members interact with the contacts (e.g., "John expressed interest in our software, but he's waiting for his budget approval.")

  • Promoting accountability by monitoring a client's progress and assisting them in achieving their goals, addressing challenges, and tracking actions (e.g., "You mentioned a goal to read a book a month. How's your reading challenge going?")"

Centralised Contact Management

You can see everything about a person in one place. You can find out what they bought, what they asked for, and other important stuff all in one spot.

LeadAutomate gives you all the tools to find and keep your customers

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